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Manufacturer of : Power & Control Cables, Instrumention Signal , RTD , Alarm Shielded & Co - Axial Cables

Tailor Made Cables

Tailor Made Cables (Speciality Cables ) :

These cables are designed and manufactured as per customer's specific requirement. PVC insulated copper tubes, PVC sheathed teflon / nylon tubes, Nylon braided cables, Carbon taped cables, Carbon taped cables, Multicore flat cables and GI braided cables are a few examples of speciality cables manufactured by Neolex cables.
These cables find application in elevators, navigation, aviation, mining, etc
They are mainly used in Cable TV, CC TV for
both military and commercial applications.
Geoflex cables Manufactures Co Axial cables as per Belden specifications. These cables have a perfect shielding which helps to carry signals without much loss of quality to the other point of connection with desired characteristic impedance. The external disturbance are also eliminated resulting in clear picture quality